1. An applicant for Romania SushiCup must have at least 3 years experience in Sushi because this is a primary condition to enter the World Sushi Cup in Japan where the winner of Romania Sushi Cup will represent Romania.
  2. An applicant for Romania SushiCup must have the Certificate of Competence Sushi issued by By All Japan Sushi Association. In case the applicant does not have it, the Sushi competence exam will be held 2 days before Romania SushiCup. The first day will be theory and the next day the practice.
  3. An applicant must also send his CV with the registration form.
  4. The applicant has an obligation to write an essay, not more than 500 words, in which to motivate his intention to participate in Romania Sushi Cup.
  5. An applicant must send a picture of a Sushi Edomae so the jury can judge him. We have a request that the picture be of good quality..
  6. If an applicant qualifies for Romania Sushi Cup will have to be willing to participate in Romania Sushi Cup 2022, which will take place in Bucharest on May 23, 2022 and if it does not have the Sushi Competence Test it will present between May 21-22, 2022 in order to get it.
  7. The applicant must be willing to represent Romania in the 2022 World Cup of Sushi Finals in Tokyo in October 2022 – Date is not yet set.
  8. The applicant must have a valid passport so that in case of winning the competition he can travel to Japan.
  9. An applicant must not have a criminal record.
  10. The Romania Sushi Cup competition will consist of three major competitions where the jury will examine the participants’ work skills, the general composition, the presentation and taste of sushi:
    Cutting fish in Japanese style Sanmai Oroshi;
    Preparation of an Edo Mae Sushi-style platter;
    Preparation of a free-style sushi competition platter;
  11. Detailed information about the Romanian Sushi Cup Finals will only be sent to applicants who qualified for the Romanian Sushi Cup finals.